Network Policy

    This agreement is intended to establish business relations between NSZ World and the Product Distributor, a business partner, Business Associate, in accordance with the understanding of the sale of the Company's products. These rules and regulations apply to all business partners on the following terms:

    1. All business partners must be disciplined and ethical, and must comply strictly with the company's principles and regulations or declarations.
    2. All business partners shall lift up and promote the company's products directly to the consumer (end user) by maintaining and adhering to integrity, honesty, and responsible for resolving disputes that may arise in companies between customers and business partners.
    3. Displaying the products and marketing plans honestly and accurately and not harming the company due to misleading business partners' presentation of products and projects. Defend the trademark of the NSZ World and product trademark and must obtain written permission from the company before being used in any advertisement.
    4. NSZ World has the method to distribute products via the internet and online distribution, and only the company partners can distribute.
    5. All partners not affiliated with the venture (as a shareholder of the company) are just the right to do business as a marketing agent of the company. All partners do not have the power or authority to legally accept any liability and liability or liability on behalf of the company.
    6. All business partners are self-employed under personal responsibility, have the right to decide on their own purchases through NSZ World on their personal account registered in NSZ World system. The company will not be liable for any actions made by a business partner. In addition, both parties recognize that the business partner is not an employee in compliance with the company's agreement to benefit from local taxes or other benefits.
    7. All business partners are liable for their entire labor costs, including any taxes derived from sales or personal liability required to comply with Cambodian law.
    8. Company or business partner may terminate the agreement at any time for any reason with reasonable term in writing to the other party. All business partners can either leave or cancel their membership by applying for a company. Company do not need to be notified in advance of any breach of any provision of this agreement. In evaluating activities that violate this agreement, the company will consider the facts and the level of abuse.
    9. All business partners accept the Cambodian judicial and commercial arbitration as well as Cambodian rule as a basis for resolving possible disputes.

    In order to create a respectful culture in business and to ensure fairness as well as honesty of business activities among business partners, NSZ World endorsed the code of conduct and required that all business partners comply with this code. This setting to avoid and prevent the impact of the benefits and enhance the long-term growth in the business through trust between business partners, thus enforcing punitive sanctions and strict penalties. Violates this code, depending on the level of abuse as follows:
    1. Any registering of a person without his/her consent, registering using false information, duplicate registrations, in contravention of the business registration of the company. All business partners who violate the code will be immediately eliminated and sanctioned, such as forgery, deregulation, business networking, suspension of commission, drop-off, come down the line following the Code of Ethics Committee's decision after receiving a clear statement.
    2. All business partners must not mislead anyone by giving false information or exaggerating a marketing plan, product quality, or price. Any oral exaggeration by personal opinion without the company's acknowledgment and comparing the product and marketing plan of the NSZ World with other companies is prohibited.
    3. Registration for the purchase of a product must be voluntarily made without obligation to register or make a contract to anyone who has pledged to register. All business partners must not coerce or comfort their customers at the bottom, or buyer's products without any requirement, especially for the purchase of a product for the purpose of upholding.
    4. The company bans all purchasing, using socially prominent names to attract and promise various benefits in return for registration. Non-binding insistence, not standing by someone who does not want to buy or use a product and imposes a charge on anyone who registers by paying or for training fees, is also prohibited.
    5. The company strictly forbids the attraction of network lines, exchanging mentors with irregularities, and any other personal relationships that may affect the trust of business partners.
    6. The company strictly prohibits the provision of a business partner that makes others confess that it is a company employee or sole proprietorship of the company. Providing access to non-business partners, but acting as business partners, critical critics, damaging business partners' names, and complaining against company and business partners as opposed to codes of conduct. All business partners are not required to transfer, buy, sell or acquire other people's structures and take NSZ World business to cover the other business.
    7. All business partners must not impose a congestion limit on unacceptable requests. The company banned all attacks, verbal abuse, corporate venues, threats, controversy, and establishing signatures to sue and demanded penalties or penalties against other business partners without clear evidence.
    8. All business partners must not disrupt family members and leave home due to the business activities of the company and do not have to pull their business partners out of the house to set up workshops and take advantage of weaknesses of business partners. In the case of a manager who creates a bad example to a business partner, the company will be deregistered or punished as determined by the Code of Ethics Committee.
    9. The company strictly prohibits the unlawful use of a credit card or unauthorized financial settlement of unauthorized transactions or the use of unauthorized transactions.
    10. The company does not allow business partners to use any appealing method to enable their partners to join another network marketing company or to promote and sell other network companies' products.
    11. Business Partners are required to keep confidential all information received from customers or information collected from the company's business network, without copying, retaining, or displaying information without their consent.
    12. The company does not allow its business partners to take the following actions:
    A.  Use NSZ World tradename or trademarks on their own website or on any means of business that are not approved by the company.
    B.  Do not advertise any product or information about the company on any social network or media without the permission of the company.
    C.  All business partners should not use the company's logo, exhibited on a commercial building, or stick on the car without permission from the company.
    D.  All business partners must buy products directly from provincial distributors in living area and do not share with anyone to resell without having register as a partner.
    E.  Do not change the product, change packaging, repackaging, add something to product label, change product quantity, and pack new products different from original products to fraud as NSZ World product.
    F.  Do not give inaccurate information, insufficient information, do not publish uncertainties and notify company or exaggerate facts about the company. If a business is reported or found that a business partner does not comply with these bans, the company will penalize the individual, the sponsor, and the business partner involved according to the level of offense.
    13. All business partners need to understand and comply with their business laws as well as regulations set by the company. Regulations and ethics are in accordance with the company's principles. The above code is subject to the management and protection of business partners and, for a long time, the company has a right to penalize any business partner who violates these rules, such as suspension or termination of membership depends on the level of violation. In addition, the company is not permitted to continue to conduct business as a business partner of NSZ World, in the event of serious violations of the company's rules or regulations.


    NSZ World has a code of conduct assessment panel to defend the risks arising from business partners who violate the company's policies and regulations. The Ethics Assessment Committee has the power and authority to impose sanctions through a protest.
    1. The Credentials Committee has 5 or more members
    2. Procedures for disciplining the code of conduct
        A. Receive complaints and evidence on violation of company policy
        B. Ask the respondent to provide responses and provide proof of the truth
        C. Do the investigation
        D. Inform respondents via message and email.
    The members who is defendant may request for relief penalties within 7 days of issuance of the code of ethics judgment. All business partners, in collaboration with the Ethics Assessment Committee in the process of investigating a business partner's case that obstruct the commission's investigation process, must consider the action as a violation of the company's operating principles.
    3. Types of sanctions that are determined by the code of conduct assessments:
        A. Membership cancellation (Lost membership)
        B. Suspends the formation of commissions
        C. Pause Membership (Lost Membership Within Deadline)
        D. Suspension of commission
    Any penalties being issued by company can be imposed on a sole proprietorship and networking group at the level of crime pursuant to Ethics Assessment Committee decision. Every partner who commits a minor offense will be warned not to make changes after receiving more than 02 (two) warnings, the company will be fined and punished according to the level of the offense. All business partners need to understand the company's principles through the training of NSZ Academy.
    4. Pausing membership, leave the membership, and membership deletion
        A.  Membership suspension should be made immediately in the event of a serious violation of the company's principles (notifying the individual immediately), the suspension will be made within the maximum of two months during the suspension of membership cannot be taken, in addition, may be subject to other penalties as determined by the Code of Ethics Committee, such as:
            Do not buy or sell non-pointing products without being able to register as a business partner. The decision to suspend the network instructor according to the absence of training properly and accurately, the instructor's role is important. All business partners cannot take the cause of the gaps in punishment as an excuse to escape the punishment.
        B.  All business partners may out of membership for reasonable through a company request.
        C.  Any business partner who fault the file when registering or damaging the company's interest due to misconduct of the market will be deregistered out of membership.


    1. Business Registration: The company has been granted access to all general people, individual and legal entities regardless of sex, level of education, religion, or status, but the company also limits certain conditions that cannot be considered as partners. Business has been offered to the following:
        A.  Individuals and legal entities involved in a criminal offense in accordance with state law.
        B.  Individuals who are employees of NSZ World, first line relative, and federation of employees.
        C.  An individual who is less than 18 years old, in the case of any person who has already registered, but registering in accordance with the above conditions, the company shall immediately cancel its membership and have no obligation to such person.
    2. Registration process: Business partners must use their real names on a valid national ID card or passport to register. New business partners must complete the required documents, such as:
        - Personal identity card or passport
        - Identity card or passport of heirs
        - Personal contact telephone number
        - Useful e-mails
        - Custom roman account number, etc.
        C.  Business partners must ensure that all information provided to the company is adequate and accurate, including information provided by the business partner who is also a sponsor.
        Registration will be approved by the company after the company has thoroughly reviewed the information and documents provided for the registration. The company reserves the right to control all information at any time.
    3. Termination and Re-engagement: Business partners can remove their membership from the company at any time for any reason. Membership will be removed according to the application and the confirmation of termination of membership has been completed from the member who wishes to cancel membership. Business registration as a new business partner is possible within 6 months from the date of exclusion from the company. The company reserves the right to terminate its membership or to punish a business partner who violates the company's regulations and policies.
    4. Exchange of Information for accounts and bank accounts: All business partners must notify the company of any bank account changes and contact details entered to the company. If a member does not notify the above change, the company will not be liable for any failure to receive a commission or notice other than the company.
    5. In heritance of a case where a member dies: Benefits received from company of any members are given to his or her surviving relative or beneficiary. The subject of determining the heirs must comply with the company's regulations and policies.